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Youth Day Celebrations

Youth day was celebrated in classrooms this year, as opposed to the usual annual school concert in the auditorium. We had to think of novel and innovative ideas to engage our schoolmates, which was definitely a challenge. We decided to have a lesson to discuss the significance of Youth Day, and a Kahoot quiz at the end that featured our teachers’ childhood photos or belongings. We were happy the lesson we planned managed to discuss the purpose behind celebrating Youth Day and also keep it fun and memorable at the same time. This year’s Youth Day celebrations taught us that we can still demonstrate a strong Crescentian spirit despite being physically separated. We can stay strong as one family, helping others to grow together. Just like how this year’s theme for Youth Day states, “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, we can ignite the fire in each other’s hearts by putting our thoughts into action and making our community a better place. 

Written by: CrezAm Exco 20/21