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Total Defence Day

This year’s Total Defence Day commemoration was very different from those held in previous years. Due to the Covid-19 situation, no mass assemblies were allowed and we were unable to use the hall for our main event. We felt a little discouraged at first after knowing that we had to discard all our ideas for the hall event, and were concerned that it may not be as engaging for our schoolmates. However, we still felt the need to push ourselves to do our best in preparing the other materials needed for the commemoration. As part of the reading programme for TDD commemoration, we created a Music Video (MV) that allowed students to have a better understanding of how they can play their part in helping the nation overcome this pandemic. This year's commemoration has taught us to remain resilient and positive through challenges. Things may not always go our way, but we will always find our way around these difficulties. 

Written by: CrezAm Exco 20/21