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Teachers' Day Celebration

This year’s Teachers’ Day celebration, themed Garden of Blossoms, likens the efforts of our teachers’ unwavering support in helping us flourish and blossom into better people to gardeners who lovingly tend to their plants regardless of rain or shine. The celebration returned in full force this year, with the 1.5-hour programme including many memorable moments, bringing back the best elements from past Teachers’ Day celebrations with a fresh twist! One highlight would certainly be the much-awaited department walk-in segment, where Crescentians cheered loudly when their favourite teachers were ushered into the hall donning colourful shirts based on their departments! But what would Teachers’ Day be without an amazing performance lineup? From the electrifying dance routine put together by the Secondary Three dancers to an emotional rendition of the song “You Raise Me Up”, there was something for everyone to enjoy! It was also incredibly heartening to see Crescentians enthusiastically helping their teachers complete various tasks during the game segment, with the top three departments facing off each other in the final round, where the Science Department eventually took the crown! The Student Council wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this event possible, including our Council Mistresses (CMs) who were there for us every step of the way, the Audio and Visual Club for their excellent technical support, Digital Art and Photography Club (DAPC) for the incredible photographs, and all performers for their hard work and dedication!

Written by: Student Councillors