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CG100 Time Capsule

On the last day of the school year, staff and students both past and present gathered to witness the sealing of the school’s second time capsule—preparatory work for the future celebration of the school’s centenary year. Such a diverse and large group of people would ordinarily struggle to find topics in common, yet not a soul was alienated from the significance of this ceremony.

It has been nearly three decades since the school’s very first time capsule was sealed. Now we stand at the cusp of a new year, pouring our love into a capsule we will not see opened for another three decades. Among other things, into the capsule went commemorative memorabilia of past anniversaries, a calendar, an essay describing wonderful memories of times spent at Crescent, and tokens from our leadership and co-curricular activity groups. As a parting nod to the current endemic, the time capsule also houses basic medical equipment and masks that have become commonplace in recent years.  

No commemorative ceremony would be truly complete without its Guest of Honour, and Mr S. Sivaram, Chairman of the School Advisory Committee, fittingly graced us with his presence that morning, heralded by the Symphonic Band’s fanfare. Accompanied by our Principal, Vice-Principals, and President of the Student Council, Mr Sivaram led the placement of items of significance into the time capsule. 

As my co-emcee and I bore witness to the proceedings, narrating the events as they unfolded, it could not be denied that the importance of the ceremony was great. Yet throughout there was a lightness in my heart, an exhilarating and humbling sensation wherein the ardour behind this event was truly felt. 

Written by Kate Lee (2S1) and Naisha Gautam (2S2)