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CrezUnite Week 2022


Write-up #1:
17th May 2022 was a momentous day for Crescent and the Student Council as it marked the first time CrezAwards was screened in the hall since the pandemic began. Originally, CrezAwards was planned to be held in the classrooms yet again, but with the loosening of Safe Management Measures, the programme was quickly adapted for everyone’s enjoyment!

The theme for this year’s CrezAwards is “Crescita”, eponymously named for the protagonist, a young adventurer, and the Wise Guide as they embark on a whimsical odyssey to restore the colours of Borealis, in line with this year’s CrezUnité theme – “Aurora Borealis: Colours of Crescent”! With an array of dazzling performances, the performers were truly the spotlights of the show, retaining the essence of CrezAwards - an annual talent show to showcase the incredible talents of Crescent, as an authentically Crescentian production from start to finish.

From a lively band performing a famous song - ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ from Encanto to the electrifying dance performances, all of them contributed to the success of CrezAwards! We would especially like to congratulate the crowd-favourite groups, Kookie Monster, Duo(a)lity and Casita who have won the Crescita Gold, Silver and Bronze awards respectively!

It was truly heartening to see everyone having so much fun, waving their phone flashlights and singing along to the catchy tunes as they enjoy their friends’ performances.

Written by: Student Council

Write-up #2:
The much-awaited CrezAwards returned on the 16th of May, kickstarting the second last week of school for the term. The event was pre-recorded and enjoyed in the comfort of the hall, alongside our teachers and wide-eyed peers who were practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. The concert commenced right after morning assembly. Fairy lights and silver balloons decorated the stage, giving a magical touch to the atmosphere. Tickets with serial numbers were passed down the rows to each person, making us feel as though were attending an official Awards show. As the lights dimmed, the sound of glow sticks being cracked accompanied the excited chatter in the hall.

Adrenaline charged through the atmosphere as we came together as one, cheering loudly as our emcees made their appearance. They introduced us to our very own aspiring singers and dancers in the form of a skit which impeccably illustrated the symbolism of this year’s theme, Aurora Borealis. With the relaxation of CoVid-19 measures, the colour of Borealis have returned, bringing back the lively chatter within these walls. The performers outdid themselves by confidently and passionately delivering their performances. In turn they were rewarded with well-deserved rounds of applause and thunderous cheering.

My favourite memory was when flashlights were switched on as we unanimously swayed left to right during performances of nostalgic and heart-warming songs. The eight performers were given certificates for displaying their perseverance, hard work and courage for performing in front of the whole school. The duo, Kookie Monster, who won Silver last year, took home the Gold this year. Du(o)laity won Silver and the group Casita took the Bronze award. Lastly, for his much appreciated and tireless efforts, Mr Lim Wee Khiang was awarded the Aurora Borealis award. This experience was just a mere glimpse of the usual celebrations of CrezAwards during pre-Covid times; hopefully we will be able to enjoy ‘live’ performances again soon!

Written by: Samyukta Sri Kumar (2C1)

Be Yourself Day

One of the highlights of Crezunité week is definitely Be Yourself Day (BYD)! This year, the theme for BYD was…. “Movies”! Crescentians came to school in their creative outfits representing the different characters from the movie they chose as a class. Movies like Wreck It Ralph, Spirited Away, Men in Black, Alice in Wonderland and more were brought to life at Crescent! Apart from dressing up, we also had an inter-class competition where classes had to post a creative picture of the class with an interesting caption on their class’s Instagram account with the tag – “#beyourselfday22”! The class with the most creative post then stood a chance to win Gotcha tickets. This definitely made Crescentians more enthusiastic about dressing up! Do check out the photos on our Instagram page at “#beyourselfday22” to see all the creative entries! We also saw some of Crescent’s fashionistas as they put together stylish outfits that portrayed their chosen characters. How cool is that?

Written by: CrezUnité Planning Committee 2022


Held on the last day of the term, Crescentians always look forward to this day where they can bond with their classmates and teachers over food. Classes ordered food from Pizza Hut, Burger King, and McDonalds, and the like, and were also given frozen yoghurt and snacks provided by the school! Proudly donning on the CrezUnité shirts, everyone took countless photos, played bonding games, and watched movies together. Stickers of the top five winning designs submitted in the CrezUnité shirt design competition were also distributed. It was definitely a day of good food and fellowship!

Written by: CrezUnité Planning Committee 2022


Spirit Day

This year, the CrezUnité Planning Committee introduced a new event - Spirit Day! On 18 May 2022, every class got to enjoy a short bonding session in the morning where they had the opportunity to play different games. The games were specially designed to actively involve everyone in class. Everyone displayed their teamwork and drive throughout the games, trying to earn as many points as possible. Based on the number of points they earned, Gotcha tickets that would contribute to the Class of the Year award were given. Crescentians wore their class t-shirts on Spirit Day and it really brought out their inner class spirit! We would like to extend our gratitude to all the Secondary Three and Four EXCO members of the various Student Leadership groups for facilitating the games for all the classes as well. All in all, it was an enjoyable and memorable experience for all Crescentians alike, and we hope that all Crescentians will continue to foster strong bonds and teamwork as a class!

Written by: CrezUnité Planning Committee 2022