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Softball Carnival 2022

One of the most exciting and long-awaited events in Crescent Softball is the Softball Carnival! After being on a hiatus for the past few years due to the Covid-19 situation, it was finally able to commence again on 1 June 2022. During the C Division Carnival, we played multiple softball games against three other secondary schools, namely Edgefield Secondary School (EFSS), Dunman High School (DHS) and Nan Hua High School (NHHS).

It was definitely a great opportunity for us to apply what we had practised in our weekly softball training, and it gave us a better understanding of the game rules. We learnt many important values too, such as sportsmanship and to be respectful to the other teams no matter the circumstances. We also practiced resilience by persevering even though we made mistakes and turning them into areas for improvement!

During this carnival, every one of us had a lot of fun, feeling the adrenaline rushing through us as we ran from base to base or executed a play! We made many memories as well, as we had chances to bond with our teammates and get to know them better. Our seniors who were spectating the matches also showed their unwavering support by arriving at school early in the morning to help set up the game equipment and cheering for us loudly during the games.

This event is one of the best experiences we had in Crescent. Overall, it was a blast!

Written by Tracy Tay (2G1)