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Swift Explorer Singapore

When we first heard about Swift Explorers Singapore, we were thrilled. It is a series of coding related activities that allow students from Primary Schools to Junior Colleges to learn app design and Swift coding on the iPad Swift. It was an incredible experience for us participants from Crescent because we learnt the fundamentals of Inclusive Design: From brainstorming, to prototyping, to receiving feedback, every step of the way was a chance for us to broaden our perspectives, gain more knowledge and put ourselves in the shoes of our target users to understand their needs better. We learnt various important skills in the technical aspect of app design, like how to use Keynote and Procreate to design an app prototype. After a vigorous brainstorming section, my group and I decided to design an app that targeted caregivers of the elderly so as to make it easier and more effective for them to take care of the elderly. In our app, we included features like medication trackers and a journal section.

Throughout the entire experience, we learnt to be resilient when facing challenges and accept feedback with an open mindset. It was really interesting getting to hear from multiple perspectives as well. During the graduation ceremony, we met students from other schools and looked at their app ideas which were very unique and interesting.

 It was a joy to be able to present our own app idea and see people relate to it. Overall, it was a blast and we are so grateful for having been given this opportunity.

 Written by Neha Thyagarajan (2G1)