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Secondary 3 Special Week 2022

The Secondary 3 Special Week consisted of a series of activities tailored to the needs and interest of our Crescentians. All Physics students had a chance to explore real-life situations through a mixed reality experience where we were able to apply Physics concepts to manage a natural disaster with the aid of Microsoft HoloLens.

This was followed by a Character Strengths Workshop where we learnt that everyone is unique and had their own strengths, as well as how we can tap on each other’s strengths and improve on our weaknesses in our daily lives. There was also a talk by an Instructor from the Department of Biological Sciences from the National University of Singapore (NUS) about a topic familiar to all Crescentians, that is civet cats, where we learnt about how they co-exist with humans in Singapore.

Next, there was a “Beating Procrastination!” Workshop which included many engaging hands-on activities to help us understand the importance of time management and how to avoid procrastination. Finally, we attended a Mindfulness Workshop which included real-life practices where we learnt the importance of being in touch with our feelings and accepting them. Overall, the variety of programs during the Special Week provided a fruitful experience for everyone and allowed us to grow holistically.

By Sibylla Daphne Koo Wei Xuan, 3G2.

Secondary 3 Crescentians enjoyed the Special Week program that consisted of multiple workshops and activities to welcome them back to school after the June holidays. The workshops taught Crescentians valuable soft skills meant to aid them as they embark on their journey towards the ‘O’ Level Examinations.

The Character Strengths Workshop organised each Crescentian’s individual character strengths in order of most to least prominent. After which, they learnt how to use their character strengths to achieve their SMART goals. Crescentians also gained experience in meditating during the Mindfulness Workshop, where they engaged in breathing exercises to calm the mind and body. The workshop series ended with the “Beating Procrastination!” Workshop which was particularly useful for students who tend to delay studying. Through games and class discussions, Crescentians gained fresh insights on how to tackle procrastination.

Physics students also enjoyed a Mixed Reality program where they were transported into an animated world and tapped on skills learnt during Physics class to predict a tsunami’s time of impact. Biology students learnt fascinating facts about civet cats from a Scientist Talk. Crescentians were fortunate to be graced with the presence of Ms Tazneen Abdullah who shared about writing and delivering an engaging speech.

At the end of the Special Week, Crescentians were better equipped to excel in their academic endeavours.