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Sec 3 Special Week - Outward Bound Singapore

The Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) experience was a memorable highlight for many Secondary Three students as it provided the opportunity to explore nature and step out of their comfort zones beyond the classroom walls. Though tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pulau Ubin, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One main highlight was building a raft with my watchmates. We had to secure barrels to metal poles with ropes using knots, a skill that we learnt from our instructors, who patiently taught us how to tie them securely so that they will not slip off. Through this, I felt a sense of accomplishment as I tied knot after knot with my peers. After building the raft, we had to test it out. Look at us go!


Another main highlight was outdoor cooking. Using old school materials such as mess tins and solid fuel, we heated up canned food as side dishes for the rice we cooked, to fill our empty stomachs. Over dinner, I had the opportunity to talk and bond with my watchmates.


Our instructors were very experienced in this field and gave us moral and emotional support whenever we felt tired or homesick. They initiated bonding activities to make us closer as a watch. It was because of them that my OBS experience was unforgettable!

All in all, the OBS Challenge Programme had allowed us to learn more about ourselves and the importance of teamwork, as we worked together as a team to overcome challenges. The programme also allowed us to gain valuable life skills and an appreciation for the environment, and what we can do to care for it.