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Total Defence Day

Every year, Crescent Girls’ School holds a Total Defence Day (TDD) commemorative event. It is to enlighten Crescentians about the significance of the 14th of February, and to ensure that they are aware of their role in ensuring that Singapore remains safe. An important takeaway is that everyone has a part to play in Singapore’s total defence. This was conveyed through a skit where Crescentians are taught how to identify scammers and to strengthen Singapore’s digital defence.

As ambassadors of citizenship, it is our duty to prepare an informative and engaging TDD event to reinforce the importance of having a strong defence system. We planned level competitions that would encourage students to creatively express their interpretations of total defence and also came up with a meaningful and interactive virtual concert. The virtual concert allowed students to learn more about TDD in an entertaining way and at the same time ensuring that Crescentians understood the significance of the celebrations.

All in all this year was a huge success as everyone greatly enjoyed the celebrations. We are eagerly looking forward to hosting the subsequent events and to continue being ambassadors of citizenship!

Written by The CrezAmbassadors