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Secondary 2 Showcase

This year, the Secondary Two students participated in the annual “Sec 2 Showcase”, where they worked together in their respective classes to present to their parents what they have been doing for the past two years. There were presentations on the Integrated Curriculum module, various school events, and even about the CCAs we are in. As a class committee member, my role in the preparation of the showcase this year was to supervise the preparation of three different groups - two presentation groups and one ‘special’ group that was in-charge of fringe activities. A lot of time was spent during CCE lessons, the June holidays, and even Secondary Two Special Week to prepare the presentation slides and scripts. We went through several rounds of vetting of our presentation material by both the class committee members and our Form and Co-Form teachers, and had several rounds of rehearsals. Overall, our Sec 2 Showcase experience was a unique and memorable one due to the dedication and time we put in for our presentations to be showcased on that one night with our parents.

Written by: Nurhumaidah Binte Mohamed Fauzi (2S2)