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International Friendship Day 2022

This year's International Friendship Day (IFD) focused on ASEAN, especially on the history of the organisation and its role in the region. Through slides filled with fun facts, and games like Gartic phone and Kahoot, the CrezAmbassadors ensured that the Virtual Concert was both informative and engaging.

Winners of the various level competitions were also announced. The various levels designed short videos and infographics to deliver the importance of IFD. To quote Mr Seah, our teacher-in-charge, “Some things are learnt but some things are caught”. Indeed! The level competitions served as a great learning platform for students to ‘catch’ values such as teamwork and empathy which cannot be learnt from our textbooks.

To complement the Virtual Concert, the IFD Reading Programme skit was prepared to be entertaining and educational. The team worked seamlessly to create a riveting video that demonstrated how Singapore has been working closely with our neighbouring countries, imparting to Crescentians the importance of multi-national cooperation.

In order to help Cresentians better understand our neighbours, the IFD ASEAN Slides was a new segment introduced this year. Various Class Committee members did a presentation on interesting facts about the diverse culture of the ASEAN countries.

The CrezAmbassadors worked very hard to ensure that 2022 IFD was pulled off successfully and are looking forward to organising the next school event!