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Farewell Assembly 2021

1st of October 2021 was the date that has been marked on every Secondary 4 Crescentian’s calendar since the start of Semester 2. Little did we realise that in the blink of an eye, the day had arrived. The day when our Crescent journey came to an end.

The class of 2021 had a Farewell Assembly that was no different from past years’ celebrations by being both fun-filled and poignant. The Farewell Assembly, with the theme ‘Remember Me’, was a trip down memory lane, as we rekindled fond memories and remembered friendships forged in the past four years in Crescent, through the videos put together by teachers and students.  Nostalgia hit us as we watched our respective classes’ Farewell Videos, documenting the ups and downs of the past two years that we went through as a class. Watching the videos unfailingly evoked a wave of sentimental emotion, causing a few of us to reach for the nearest tissue.

As we were drying our tears, we were then treated to an original song, “Into the World”, composed by the talented Ms Betsy Teo, performed by the entertaining School Leaders and Secondary Four teachers in the form of a music video. We giggled in enjoyment as we watched the educators of Crescent now take on the role of singers, as they passionately sang their hearts out in the recording studio. These were just a few of the wonderful memories that were made on this special occasion, which we will hold close to our hearts in years to come.

The customized “Class of 2021” collar pin that we had each pinned on with pride, was not only a recognition of our efforts during the past four years but also a memento of the joy and fun we had in this wonderful school. May Crescent Remain in our Hearts!

By Preesha Magandharan, 4C2