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CrezAwards 2021

CrezAwards 2021 returned on the 30th of March with the theme ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ after a year-long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficult circumstances, Crescentians put up thrilling performances that captivated the audience with their budding talents.

This year’s CrezAwards was particularly special, as it was pre-recorded and enjoyed from the comfort of our classrooms. Admittedly, it felt strange watching CrezAwards through the projector screen early in the day without the usual vibrant atmosphere that we were all too familiar with – no anticipation for school to end for CrezAwards to be held in the evening; no auditorium adorned with fairy lights and no school wide screams as performers walked up on stage. Indeed, the same ambience we had in the auditorium could not be replicated. However, this did not stop Crescent’s aspiring singers and dancers from commanding the stage and mesmerising everyone with their talents.

To kick-start CrezAwards 2021, the classroom lights were switched off and popcorn was distributed to every Crescentian. Each Crescentian also received a ticket for a lucky draw. The line-up of talented performers, consisting of Kookie Monster, SKY, Samantha Javier, Ngoc Mai, Jara and Hanisah, OA-sis, Starbursts and MEPeeps, all put on highly entertaining performances that kept the audience riveted to their seats. This was certainly laudable given the challenges the pandemic had posed in the preparation for their performances. Our special performers, Mr Rais and Mr Seah also performed a compelling duet which captivated the audience near the end of the event.

To round off CrezAwards 2021, a lucky draw was held after the performances, where lucky winners were able to get their hands on a limited edition CrezAwards enamel pin.

For displaying perseverance and great effort in their preparation, every performer also received medals during the award ceremony held two days later, officially drawing CrezAwards and CrezUnite 2021 as a whole, to a close.

Though CrezAwards 2021 was far from what many of us had expected, it was heartening to see Crescentians embrace the changes and revel in the wonderful performances put up by their schoolmates. CrezAwards 2021 certainly left an indelible mark on us due to how unique it turned out to be.

By Riya Philip, 4G2
“CrezAwards 2021, themed Guardians of the Galaxy, returned on March 30th after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed our students to once again have a chance to showcase their budding talents on stage and dazzle the audience.

Unlike other years, CrezAwards 2021 was showcased in the form of a pre-recorded video and students were able to enjoy the show in the comfort of their classrooms. Lights were switched off, with popcorn and tickets distributed to every Crescentian, to kick off their exhilarating CrezAwards 2021 experience.

Our line-up of talented performers consisted of Kookie Monster, Samantha Javier, the SKY, Jara and Hanisah, Ngoc Mai, OA-sis, MEPeeps and Starbursts.
ith dedication and effort, they managed to put up extraordinary performances that roused and entertained the audience. This was especially commendable, given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic during the filming process.

Nearing the end of the show, a special guest performance was put up by Mr Mohammed Rais and Mr Christian Seah which enthralled the audience once again.

At the end of the performances, CrezAwards 2021 rounded off with a lucky draw, where the lucky winners were able to get their hands on a limited edition enamel pin token.

The awards ceremony was held two days later, in the form of a live-stream as part of the conclusion of CrezUnite week, with Starbursts winning the CrezGalaxy Bronze Award, Kookie Monster winning CrezGalaxy Silver Award and finally, Ngoc Mai winning the CrezGalaxy Gold Award! Mr Rais and Mr Seah were also awarded with the Above and Beyond Award for showing their perseverance and diligence in preparing for the performance.

Stay tuned for CrezAwards 2022!”