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Secondary 3 Orientation

The Secondary 3 orientation was a pleasant and meaningful event that saw the secondary 3 students engaged in the various activities organized by the orientation group leaders. The first thing we did was to get separated into our respective canteen groups. We had our meals together and sat in class as a group too. Being constantly together with these same few people helped us to establish bonds and develop friendships a lot faster and more effectively.

 We also had class bonding sessions, facilitated by our alumni, who organized a variety of games to help us get to know one another better. I am very grateful to them for taking the time to help us with this. They also spoke about all the different subjects and gave us tips on how to excel in them and answered any questions we had about life in Secondary 3. The games were really fun, some of which included a birthday game; a find­­-your-pair game, where we had to find the person with the word matching the unknown one on our foreheads, and even an egg drop competition, amongst other interesting games which ‘tested’ our ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team. This allowed the different talents and skills of our classmates to shine. Overall, I very much enjoyed my Secondary 3 orientation and am thankful for how it helped me to bond with my classmates. Indeed I am excited and look forward to spending the year ahead with them!

 Reported by: Michelle Khoo (3S2)