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Total Defence day

Total Defence Day: “Together We Keep Singapore Story”

“15 February 1942 was the day when the British finally surrendered to the Japanese, marking the fall of Singapore. Seventy-nine years later, we still commemorate this event, which we now know as Total Defence Day, an event that aims to remind us of the sufferings ensured by our forefathers during the Japanese occupation so that we may respect and value the Singapore we have today.”

In Crescent, we commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) by enthusiastically participating in the various activities organised by our very own CrezAmbassadors. We secondary 1 students were required to draw pictures which portrayed our understanding of the Digital Defence Pillar. We also watched N.E.mation video clips that taught us more about the six Pillars of Defence, while keeping us intrigued and captivated by the animations. During our reading period, we read articles which were very helpful in deepening our knowledge in Psychological Defence.

Indeed, my first experience commemorating this special event in secondary school was really impactful and meaningful and I can’t wait for what the next year has to bring!

Reported by Samyukta Sri Kumar (1C1)

Total Defence Day Commemoration 2021@CGS

Total Defence Day (TDD), commemorated on 16 February, was an event that the CrezAmbassadors really looked forward to in 2021, as the event would be celebrated in a special way. The CrezAmbassadors started preparing for this event during the December holidays and worked very hard in coming up with an engaging commemoration program that the school could enjoy from the comfort of their classrooms, while adhering to the safe distancing measures. Crescentians were encouraged to read up about the Six Pillars of Defences as they participated in the various level-wide competitions. Of equal significance was the need to stay united, especially when faced with the COVID-19 situation, as well as the increasing importance of Digital Defence – the focus for CGS’s TDD Commemoration 2021.

The 6 Pillars of Defence was also portrayed during the TDD Reading Program where Digital Defence was explored in a fun and interactive way so that Crescentians can clearly understand the impact their decisions, when online, can have on their lives.

Reported by the CrezAmbassadors 2021.