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Secondary 3 Special Week

The Secondary 3 special week was indeed enriching and filled with fruitful life lessons. At the start, we were rather nervous to begin Outward Bound School (OBS) as we did not know what to expect at the camp. Initially, with the scorching sun and a highly humid environment, we thought we would dread the activities in OBS. However, as the day progressed, we realized that all those elements which threatened to make our experience difficult faded into the background, as we had nothing but fun.

Bonding with our classmates as we participated in the activities was interesting. In addition, we learnt many lessons, one of which was to step out of our comfort zone and venture into the tougher alleys. With the motivation from our peers and instructors, we easily overcame obstacles that we encountered. The Mindfulness and Procrastination workshops were also highly enlightening. Our key takeaway was to relax and have a stable mind. To do so may be hard but with enough concentration and willpower, we should be able to push ourselves to relax and to continue working on our priorities in life. As for the conversations with the scientists and the Ambassador of Belgium, they were eye-openers. Never did it ever cross our imagination how an ambassador of a country works or how scientists paved their paths to become who they are today. With these conversations, we were able to learn and understand their lifestyles and their paths to success.

Overall, this week marked a significant milestone in our learning journey, one which we will remember for sure!

Written by: Shaza Kareem (3C1) and Muralitharan Viehha (3S1)