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Sec 1 Special Week

Secondary One Special Week@Crescent

The activities conducted over the course of the Secondary One Special Week has certainly left a profound impression on me.

To start off, we had our Positive Education session, where we discovered how important gratitude and goal setting are for boosting our well-being and emotions. The second part of the day was a resilience workshop. From there, we learnt resilience can be determined by two factors: our mindset and our response to uncontrollable situations. Through the examples of neuroplasticity and Takalah Tan, it certainly shows how reframing our perspective to failure can really change our lives for the better. Blackout poetry came next, conducted by none other than Mr Lloyd! Blackout Poetry is when you take a written piece of text and color over the words (in black ink) to come up with your very own poem. To me, learning what blackout poetry was in the first place turned out to be my biggest accomplishment. Finally, like cherries on top of a cake, we were treated to the delights of the Physical Education activities. Much like Day 1, there were two parts to it, the first was learning how to tie knots, after which we played a game just to recap on outdoor skills. However, the highlight was really the second part- the campfire. With each team struggling to collect twigs, fuel wood and leaves while trying to keep the fire burning, I think it’s safe to say it was the most exhausting challenge we had faced throughout the week. Who knew keeping a flame alive would be so difficult, yet so satisfying?

All in all, the activities conducted during the week were indeed enriching and memorable. I hope there will be another special week for the Sec Ones next year!

Written by: Leong En Rui (1G1)