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Champion Seminar 2021

This year, "Crezmanji" took the online stage, as HOUSE returned with Champions' Seminar 2021. Based on the movie Jumanji, with the strong feminine presence of Disney princesses, Crezmanji followed the theme from a line in the movie ‘Raya and The Last Dragon’: ‘It feels impossible, but sometimes you just have to take the first step.’

The narrative of Crezmanji revolves around two Crescentians who were mysteriously transported into a video game, where they met various Disney princesses who aided them in defeating the villains who fought for the Evil Queen. The game was anchored to the Cres-DIET values that all Crescentians were familiar with.

Together with the two Crescentians, the students in their classrooms played quizzes and games on their phones to help defeat the villains. This interactive segment was a first for HOUSE and it proved to be a hit with the students!

As a memento for participating, every student took home a handmade badge designed by HOUSE, and every Champion brought home a customised lanyard with their names on it.

Though the Covid-19 situation proved a difficult obstacle for our HOUSE leaders to overcome, they were still able to make Champion Seminar a fun and meaningful event, where the Crescent family was able to commemorate the achievements of every CCA in Crescent, and to recognise the efforts that every Crescentian has put in in order to bring glory to our school.

Written by: HOUSE Exco 21/22