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Results of GCE O-Level Results

To many, the afternoon of the 13 January was like any other ordinary Monday. However, for the batch of 2019 Secondary Four students, stepping into the school’s auditorium that afternoon meant collecting the ticket to the start of another chapter in their lives. The current Secondary Fours and I had the privilege of experiencing this crucial moment in their journey of life with them.  

As I stepped foot into the auditorium, I could feel the intensity of the atmosphere. The place was abuzz with anticipation, albeit slightly tinged with apprehension. Around me were pupils gathered in small circles, clutching at each other like lifelines. This moment was a significant turning point for these friends, after overcoming all those trials and tribulations together and being each other’s support. As our principal, Mrs Helen Chong, started announcing the many commendable achievements accomplished by our students, the ambience changed from one of trepidation, to one that was filled with hope that all the blood, sweat and tears poured into the past year had paid off. One by one, the form teachers of the classes handed out the results slips, their faces beaming with pride towards the students that they saw evolve from clumsy foals to smart, determined, graceful deer. I noticed joy light up in the faces as the students received their certificates, enthusiastically showing off their results to their friends. Some of them were even glossy-eyed, frozen in shock and overwhelmed with relief with how well they had done. 

In that moment, I had never felt more pride for my seniors, and pride in being a Crescentian. 

Written by: Celestine Sun Xi Yao (4S1)