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Orientation Campfire

CRESCENDO – This is the theme of Orientation Campfire 2020. Crescendo refers to the highest point attained after a progressively intensive period of time. The Secondary Ones will eventually discover, after a series of experiences, that they are more than capable of overcoming challenges and difficulties in the days to come, together as one cohort.

Every year at Crescent, the Girl Guides organise the campfire from scratch, deciding on the decorations, props to use, a gateway and a skit with the aim of realising the objectives of the campfire, which are to welcome the Secondary Ones and to promote bonding among them. In addition to the skit performed by the Girl Guides, there are performances by other CCAs, as well as fun-filled games and activities to engage them throughout the evening. The sense of camaraderie being amongst your friends, sitting around a bright fire illuminating the surrounding as night falls, is particularly heartening.

The Orientation Campfire was definitely an enriching experience for us, the leading batch, as we managed and overcame various problems such as meeting deadlines and coming up with engaging activities. Nevertheless, we managed to push through together as a team to ensure that the highlight of the Orientation Programme is one that the girls will remember for years to come.

Written by Nasryn Adriana (4G3)