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Dedication Ceremony 2020

Dedication Ceremony 2020

Dedication Ceremony 2020, held on 7 January, is one significant event for both Crescentians and teachers to renew their commitment to the school. It is also the day the Secondary Ones are formally initiated into the big Crescent family.

After the teachers recited the Teachers’ Pledge, the Secondary Fours pinned the badges for the incoming Secondary One Crescentians and handed them specially prepared notes. The last segment was the recital of the Pupil’s Creed. Leading the school in the creed, I felt a mix of emotions engulf me. As the voices of Crescentians resounded in the hall, a sense of pride washed over me.  Watching the Secondary One Crescentians recite the creed for the first time filled me with nostalgia. In my memory, I was standing amongst the crowd as a Secondary One Crescentian, feeling excited and ready to embark on my journey ahead. As I looked at the Secondary Ones, I hoped that they would go through the same enriching journey as I had through these four years.

The Crescent Cheer, a uniquely Crescent tradition, followed soon after. We Crescentians gave our utmost to express our love for Crescent, cheering as loudly as we could. The event ended off on a high note and Crescentians were reassured once again that we belonged to this loving and caring family. We will continue to support one another and work hand in hand to bring Crescent to greater heights!

Written by: Rachel Chew(4G2)