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Chinese New Year celebrations

The Chinese New Year celebration 2020 held on January 24 was an exciting event for the Crescentian family.


The day began with form-teacher-and-class-interaction for the secondary 1s and 3s. Many classes enjoyed class Lo-Hei, saying good wishes for the New Year and enjoying the food in their classrooms, all of which were elaborately decorated for the Inter-class Decoration contest. Meanwhile, the sec 2s and 4s had an extended Chinese New Year recess, savouring the delicious food prepared by the Crescent Parent Support Group, such as ice cream, nachos and chicken nuggets. Afterwards, sec 1s and 3s had their Chinese New Year recess while sec 2s and 4s had form teacher and class interaction.


As part of the celebration, the entire school headed to the parade square for a special dragon and lion dance performance. The excitement was palpable as students cheered to the intense drum beats and watched the performers execute countless stunts.


The celebration ended with our signature Chinese New Year concert, where Crescentians enjoyed two wonderful dance acts performed by our Chinese and Modern Dance society, as well as a song and dance performance by our scholars from China. The school also enjoyed an entertaining performance by our very own teachers. The concert concluded with the announcement of the class decoration contest winners and a few words from our Principal, Mrs Chong.


All in all, Crescentians had an enjoyable day at school, and look forward to more Chinese New Year celebrations over the long weekend.



Written by Emily Wenqi Perera (3G3)