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National Day Celebrations

This year’s National Day celebration taught us to find unique ways to make the event special. Despite the challenges and limitations presented by COVID-19, we managed to rise to the occasion and deliver a memorable and enjoyable national day celebration for all. 

Crescentians celebrated the nation’s birthday in the classroom this year. The celebration began with an enjoyable march-in segment followed by a short CCE lesson on the importance of exercising our votes wisely, prepared by the National Education (NE) committee. 

For the second half of the celebration, the CrezAmbassadors put together a special segment with more light-hearted and celebratory items. The classes watched and voted for their favourite Secondary 1 and 3 Music Videos. They get to also read the well-wishes for Singapore, written by the Secondary 2s and 4s at the foyer. A special Music Video was also put together by the CrezAmbassadors and the NE Committee, with the help of the wonderful Ms Jessica Tan and the ICT department where Crescentians from various Performing Arts CCAs, teachers, and school leaders,  came together to sing or play various musical instruments to the tune “Where I Belong”. This celebration ended off with the highly anticipated playing of the song “Home”. Instead of the usual community singing, the CrezAmbassadors recorded a dance video, getting crescentians to follow along at the comfort of their seats.  

We felt very heartened to see all our schoolmates enjoy the unique celebration and the togetherness shown in all the classes, embodying the theme for this year’s national day, “Together, a stronger Singapore”. 

Written by: CrezAm EXCO 20/21