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Teacher's Day

Teacher’s day celebration 2019

This year's teachers day started off on a high note with the walk-in of the various departments of teachers and non-teaching staff in school. The auditorium was filled with the cheers of the students while the teachers showed off amusing antics as they walked to their seats. A series of videos and performances were shown, which were done by individuals, CCA groups and Student Leadership Groups. They were all very entertaining and we could see that the teachers enjoyed themselves watching the performances and videos. Several teachers won awards like the Most Understanding Teacher award and the Most Engaging Teacher award. What made this year's awards special were the nominee videos put together by the Operations Department from the Student Council featuring the nominated teachers reacting to being nominated for the awards. All our efforts paid off as the videos brought much laughter to both the Teachers and the Crescentians. This year, we also made an effort to thank the non-teaching staff from our school as they too play a very important part in making our school life a smooth one. A skit put up by the Secondary one probational councillors showed not only what the non-teaching staff in crescent do, but also the different challenges that they face. This enabled everyone to feel a greater sense of appreciation towards them. The celebrations allowed students to show their appreciation towards both the teaching and non-teaching staff in crescent. The event was definitely an eye opener for everyone!

Written by: Chloe Lai Rui Yu (2G2) and Leong Ka Yan Natania (3S1)