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Sec 2 Service Learning to Malacca

Our Malacca trip was an amazing five-day journey and we greatly enjoyed ourselves. After a four-hour long journey we finally reached Malacca on Monday. Throughout our five days in Malacca, we visited historical places like the St. Paul’s Church and the Red Square where we learnt that Malacca was under the Portuguese and Dutch colonial rule. We also visited many other cultural places such as Mosques, Chinese Temples as well the Baba Nyonya Museum!

Before the trip to Malacca, we prepared interaction activities as well as English, Mathematics and Art lessons to teach the children at LIVIO Learning Centre. We were excited to go there as we had put in a lot of hard work into preparing the lessons and gifts so that it would be beneficial for them. At LIVIO learning centre, we also had the opportunity to help clean, design and re-paint their learning centre. When we first got there, we were unsure of how to start work proper. While carrying out the painting, we faced many struggles such as scraping the wall and mixing the paint. However, by the third day we managed to change the look of the centre spectacularly. In addition, we also helped to clean the place and made it spic and span. 

We were most delighted when we met the children in LIVIO learning centre. We had a meaningful time interacting with them through games and lessons. The smile on their faces when they got our gifts made us so happy. On top of that, we were also touched by how passionate they were in learning and how grateful they were for everything they have. This experience made us realize how fortunate we are and to never take what we have for granted. Our service learning trip to Malacca was truly a memorable and meaningful one.

Written by: Reyes Jara Chelsea (2C1), Chandrasekaran Sarmatha (2C2), Seeman Mithra Vindya (2S2)