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Sec 2 Service Learning to Cambodia

In the weeks leading up to the trip, we attended several training sessions led by our teachers to help us prepare for this service learning trip. However, we still did not feel completely ready and were a little apprehensive as we did not know what to expect and how the people there would be like.

Our interaction and conversations with the children at the orphanages were rather awkward and contrived initially, as we could not speak fluent Khmer. However, as we became more comfortable, many of us stepped out of our comfort zones and talked to them. It was through these conversations that we began to learn precious life lessons like being grateful for the little things and not taking the privileges we have (e.g. accessibility to clean water, having parents around with us, a good education) for granted. The children were eager to learn and took pride in their performances that they put up for us; we were very heartened to see their enthusiasm for learning and for life. 

In addition to these, we also had numerous unique experiences such as farming and learning the Khmer dance. When we visited the Genocide Museum, we were appalled to realise how cruel mankind can be when we saw the cabinets filled with human skulls and the ways they used to torture more than 20,000 prisoners in the past. This visit made us more aware of some of the happenings around the world and more appreciative of what we have in Singapore.

Coming back to Singapore, we bring back many precious memories and newfound friends. It is definitely a trip we will never forget as it has transformed our outlook on life.

Written by: Noelle Yeo Yu Xuan (2S1) and Elisha San Jun Qi (2S1)