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Sec 2 Local Service Learning to Rainbow Centre

This local service-learning journey at Rainbow Centre definitely impacted me, it had given me a totally new perspective of people with disabilities. During the first few weeks of training sessions, we worked hard and made the best out of the recycled materials available to make the materials needed for each class. At the beginning I was hesitant about my visit to the Rainbow Centre because I thought I will not be able to help anyone. However, I realised that I enjoyed serving the children there was felt blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. The smile on their faces brought such joy to me. With the guidance and feedback from the teachers, I learnt to be patient and understanding of the children. It was challenging, without a doubt as this is unfamiliar grounds, regardless I did not give up. In those 5 days, I learnt more about children with special needs. They need more attention and care however we should not disregard them because of this. They are capable of achievements and I saw it during my experience there. I believe if we work together we can stand up against the stereotype that they can’t accomplish much in life. 

Written by: Sybil Lim Shi En (2C2)