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Sec 2 Local Service Learning to New Town Primary School

During the local service learning trip to New Town Primary School, we helped some Primary 6 students prepare a presentation for the primary 2 cohort. We helped them prepare their presentation and also modify their scripts and their slides. During our visits, we planned out some activities for the kids such as ice breakers, blow-wind-blow and wacko to get to know each other better. We also prepared a presentation on tips on how to do a good presentation. During the times we were working on the presentation with the primary 6 students, some of them were not cooperative and were not serious about their presentation and at first. Thus, it was quite difficult to handle them and make sure that they were behaving, but over time, we managed to get them to cooperate and work things out with them. During this week, we learnt many different things like how to give positive feedback and give advice to others. We also made many memories. During the last day at the primary school, we wrote cards of encouragement and feedback on their presentation to help them improve on it. We made many posters to spread kindness around the school. Some of the messages were – “Once the words come out, you can never take them back” and “Be a pebble and spread kindness”. Through this service learning trip, we made many memories with our friends and also learnt how to work in a team, especially with people whom we do not know well. Moreover, we gained self-confidence and learnt how to persevere through all odds.

Written by: Das Srija (2G2), Andrea Tham (2C2)