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Talent Development Programme (TDP): Trip to Chiang Mai

This trip to Chiang Mai with my fellow school mates in the Talent Development Programme (TDP) was one that taught us to think deeper about certain issues and question further in order to be a better learner. We sat in for lectures given by the professors of the Language Institute in Chiang Mai University, who opened our eyes to new worlds of knowledge and perspectives we never knew possible. Learning was also not confined to the four walls of the classroom, as we were even allowed to carry out riveting experiments in a forensic lab at the Faculty of Medicine. We also went to visit an outdoor farm in the highlands to find out more about sustainable agricultural methods that allowed for growth of plants at higher altitudes. After such an enriching programme, it would only be fair for me to admit that this trip to Chiangmai was nothing short of extraordinary for all 24 of us. We shared our laughs on long bus rides and our exhaustion when we returned to the hotel at the end of every long day. We have definitely grown closer to one another after this trip.

Written by: Niveydithaa Saravanan (3S1)