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National Schools Literature Festival 2019

Held in Woodlands Ring Secondary on 20 July, the National Schools Literature Festival is an annual event that celebrates Literature through drama, choral speaking, debates and writing. The event provided a platform for over a hundred schools across Singapore to share ideas on the various texts they were studying in most creative ways.


I was competing in the Debate category while my fellow school mates participated in other categories. Given 2 weeks to analyse 2 poems, our stand was to prove that poem 1 depicted a stronger sense of helplessness than poem 2. My team and I set to work as soon as we had access to the poems. We were pitted against Anglican High. It was a close fight, but we managed to rebut their points and win the round. Although I was not one of the speakers, I contributed by applying my analytical skills at finding weak points in the opponent’s argument. My schoolmates did well too, with the Sec 2 drama clinching the Silver award and the Sec 4 set text teams emerging winners!


In the end, I had fun, reading and enjoying literature with others, sharing one thing in common with those that had attended this event: The passion for literature


Reported by: Siti Nur Khadijah (3C1)