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The Hague Model United Nation 2018

THIMUN 2018 was one of the biggest highlights of my 2018. I managed to connect with people from all around the world such as Brunei, Australia, Canada and even Dubai. Training before the actual conference was quite helpful for us as delegates. The teachers in charge helped us with our position papers, along with certain draft resolution papers that would act as a guide for discussion during the actual conference. Tips were shared and feedback was given to enable us to be more credible while giving our speeches and facilitating debate during the conference. Being around people with such different backgrounds and belief was refreshing to say the least. 

Throughout the conference, I picked up many new terminologies, along with strategies of lobbying and debating skills. Being in a security council with 4 issues and 9 resolutions on the table and getting fellow delegates on board to vote for our resolution was indeed tough. 

Overall, the idea of THIMUN reignites the passion that we have for MUN. Despite having undergone numerous challenges, from debating with the opposition party and trying to get a chance to speak in a conference filled with lots of passionate speakers with purpose, I would have to say that MUN made me realise my potential and even possibly, career options. I am of course, extremely grateful to the school for having given the four of us this opportunity to expand our horizon, hone our skills and ignite our passion for MUN.

Reported by: Tanya Raj (4G1)

My THIMUN 2018 Experience

THIMUN was not like any other MUN I had been to; they did not require an opening speech nor pre-written resolution. There was no award presented so it eliminated all  chances for competitive delegates to be over-aggressive and dominant during the debates. However, it did not dilute the nature of MUN and the debates were still intriguing and fruitful. THIMUN managed to capture all the essence of MUN and even include all the participants in the discussions. In other MUN I had been to, the less experienced delegates would be dominated by the aggressively competitive delegates and hence, they had less to say. Other MUNers also came to the conferences with pre-written resolutions which sometimes precluded other delegates to comment on or provide alternatives to the solutions. THIMUN was a totally different experience. Delegates would first be grouped according to topics and cooperated with other delegates to create an all-rounded resolution. All resolutions were then debated upon and amended, so no opinion was ignored or neglected. Thus, this experience taught me to be more receptive to criticisms and the ways to deal with opposition. It also taught me about the importance of cooperation and the imperative role of amity among nations. Those are treasured lessons THIMUN has given me. Lastly, I want to thank the school for providing me with the opportunity to experience THIMUN and for believing in my capability.

Reported by: Pham Ngoc Diep (4S1)