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Release of ‘O’ Level Results

05 Mar 2019
‘Results’ - the word that fills everyone with both excitement and fear. Our previous batch of Crescentians were no exception when they returned to school to receive their GCE O-Level results on 14 January.

The lively atmosphere of the hall fell silent as our principal Mrs. Chong entered. Everyone waited in anticipation. Mrs. Chong started by congratulating our seniors for their excellent overall performance. She began by announcing the names of the students with Character award, showed us how the cohort did for each subject, and finally the names of the students who performed well, academically. As these names flashed on the screen, a thunderous applause was heard. Some were brimming with pride at their accomplishments, while others were still in disbelief, having done much better than they had expected.

Soon after, all the seniors collected their results slips. Some were jumping for joy at the commendable results while others heaved a sigh of relief that they had made it through the examination. The rest had tears of happiness streaming down their cheeks as their hard work had indeed paid off. The parents, proud of their daughters’ achievements, lovingly embraced and congratulated them. Our seniors then went to express their gratitude to their respective teachers, who were their pillars of support in their journey at Crescent. Indeed, this memorable day gave my batch hope and confidence to work hard and excel overall as Crescentians.

Reported by: K.Yahrliny (4G1)