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Dedication Ceremony - Pupil's Creed

Our annual Dedication Ceremony was held on the 15th of January this year. As I stood at the rostrum, leading the school in the Pupil’s Creed, I could not help but reflect on how 3 years in Crescent had just passed by like a blur. It was a heart-warming moment as I watched my peers pin the Crescent badge onto the Secondary 1 students’ bright yellow uniforms as a warm gesture to formally welcome them.  Aside from the Badge-Pinning Ceremony, the event allowed us to renew our pledges and once again express our dedication to the school. Our teachers too recited the Teachers’ Pledge, as the students cheered excitedly for them. I was fortunate enough to lead the school in our very special school cheer as well. Our passion and zest could be clearly seen when we cheered as one united, “CRESCENT!”. 

Written by: Arianne See (4S1)