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Secondary Two Showcase 2019

Friday, 16th August - a day that was marked on every Secondary Two student’s calendar since the first showcase briefing held in early April. The event was an exciting night for students, parents, and the teachers alike. It allowed us to showcase to our parents what we have been doing in school in terms of our Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), Service Learning trips, Student Leadership groups, and the like.



Preparation for the event started in the afternoon, where we all decorated our designated multi-purpose rooms in line with our classes’ selected themes. From an astrological adventure (2S1), to a “spy-tacular” journey (2C2), the rooms were filled with vibrant colours and unique props.



After months of rehearsing, editing of presentation slides, and designing of boards, the day finally arrived. Our parents started their journey with the World Cafes. The multi-colored boards featured our CCAs, Student Leadership groups and memorable Service Learning trips. Donned in our CCA attires and class T-shirts, we described our personal experiences to the parents. Following that, we shared about the Integrated Curriculum (IC) and our experience as a class in general. Sharing the challenges and best moments that our class faced as one, displayed a strong sense of class spirit and togetherness. It was during the sharing that we realized how much we achieved as a class despite our differences. The night of laughter and nostalgia ended with an appreciation segment, where we wrote heartfelt notes to our parents and took a photo with them.







All in all, it was indeed an enriching experience for all of us. Though there were occasional slips during our presentations, we enjoyed Secondary Two Showcase 2019 as it was a great opportunity to present to our parents what we have experienced in school thus far.

Written by: Preesha Magandharan (2C2)