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National Softball Championship

This year marked a historic moment in Crescent’s softball history. For the first time in five years, Softball attained a placing within the top four schools in Singapore, achieving second runner up; this was a milestone achievement for us.

Persevering through a long and arduous journey of various rounds of competitions, enduring strenuous training sessions, blood, sweat, and tears were shed. We experienced a myriad of challenges, including going up against top schools like Methodist Girls’ School and Raffles Girls’ School in the various competition rounds.


Every single match boosted our confidence and made us stronger, better, and more experienced. Although every single moment was memorable, a defining one in the competition was the last match, as it was the deciding match for our placing in the entire tournament. It was against Raffles Girls' School, where we competed for the ‘third-fourth placing’ (i.e. we would be placed third if we won the competition). Though the stakes were high, the mood was light. We were confident in ourselves that we would do our best. Putting our best foot forward, everyone came through, stepping up to the plat and knocking the ball out of the park. We came out with big smiles, winning with a score of 12-1 and a third-place trophy.

Written by: Laura Lee Jing Rou (2S1)