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Champion Seminar

Have you seen the mighty hammer of Thor made by our very own HOUSE leaders? This year, HOUSE is back with "Lampgame", an Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin spinoff, where Thanos and Aladdin's genie are back to rule the world, together with what appears to be,  purple minions by his side? The Avengers struggle to defeat Thanos, but with the assembly of Crescentians spanning across different CCA and leadership groups by their side, Thanos is easily beaten into a pulp! Champion Seminar 2019 teaches Crescentians the value of teamwork and the might of "Crescentians, assemble!"
Every student who went this year brought home a customised handmade CCA badge with a superhero design. Not only that, the hall was transformed into a cinema, where the doors were framed with movie posters designed for each CCA. While the format of the event changed, the spirit of the event was kept, making sure to celebrate the achievements of every CCA and student leader in Crescent, and to recognise the blood, sweat and tears each of them have shed to bring glory and pride to our school. In addition, we also made it a point to thank our coaches and teachers who have guided us and moulded us into the ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

Written by: Elyse Lauren and  Cheang Hui-Hui (3C2)