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Cross Country @ Punggol Waterway Park

Cross Country this year was a memorable experience as it was the first time I took part in competitive running. This event was also a good opportunity for me to interact more with my friends and take my mind off the academic stress for a short while. Punggol Waterway Park’s scenic and peaceful atmosphere made for a pleasant run that morning. It was a rather unique experience as it is not every day that I get to run with my friends past the various sights and sounds of the neighbourhood. This made me realise the importance of having a break sometimes and taking a step back to enjoy the scenery around me. As we are usually caught up with school work, we tend to forget to slow down and take a break when we need to. Having a short run and breaking a sweat will definitely help to recharge the mind and body, and keep us healthy and strong!

Written by: Elise Oh Yuan Ming (3G1)