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National Day Celebration 2018: “We are Singapore”

Crescent Girls’ celebrated National Day on 8 August 2018. The celebrations kick-started with a parade by the Uniformed Groups (UGs) at the parade square. This year, the students gathered along the corridors on different levels of the buildings surrounding the parade square so as to ensure that they had the best views of the parade. The parade rounded off with students reciting the Recollections while the Secondary 3 choir members put up a breath-taking rendition of “My People, My Home”. 

During the second half of the celebrations, Crescentians and our guests from The Rainbow Centre were treated to a morning of song and dance. The event started with the Symphonic Band playing “Railway” and “Happy” while the students, clad in red and white, moved along to the beat. The Secondary Fours performed their rendition of selected National Day songs amidst loud cheering from their fellow peers. There was also a special performance by our guests from The Rainbow Centre. The whole school cheered loudly as they performed. 

Prizes were also awarded for the different level competitions in which Crescentians from the different levels had showcased their creativity by best representing what the theme ‘We are Singapore’ meant to them. The celebration ended on a moving note as the all-time favourite hit song, “Home” was played as everyone in the hall sang along, waving the Singapore flags. Happy Birthday Singapore!

Reported by: Nurul Nashrah  Bte Abdul Razak (3C2)

Celebrating Teachers’ Day @ Crescent

Teaching is, in our opinion, something that requires dedication and a special calling!  The Crescent Parent’s Support Group (PSG) parents have witnessed this passion first-hand, and are fully cognizant of the time and effort our Crescent teachers have put into helping to nurture our daughters.  Hence we remain convinced that we should continue with our tradition of thanking these tireless folks!  As a small token of our appreciation, the PSG organized a Teacher’s Day 2018 Breakfast Party for these very special guests!

This year, we have also included our equally important school partners – the Crescent Girls’ School Staff who are the unsung heroes (and heroines) who often arrive earlier than the parents on Event days, and have gone beyond their line of duty – in serving together.  Without giving too much away, the PSG worked with Wei San (Admin Manager 2) to ensure that the guests received their invitation and token, the room was booked, and the menu curated.

On 27 August, the Breakfast Party team took over the General Office Conference Room and transformed it into a cozy and cheery Café – what with banners, shiny cut-outs (lovingly worked on by the Dads at home), balloons and colourful (and in theme) decoration.  With the finishing touches of PSG’s bright fushia tablecloths taking centre stage on the meeting table, the Conference Room aka Café was ready to welcome our guests to their breakfast.

This year’s party commenced at 8 am and we were not sure if the teachers who had back-to-back morning lessons were able to turn up, or if the teachers would tear themselves away from the staffroom (and marking) and avail themselves to come and enjoy the Breakfast.

All that anxiety melted away when the teachers started streaming into the Café!  By then the teachers were like old friends with the parent volunteers – they came, we hugged, filled plates, laughed lots, chatted and took pictures.  As we had hoped, it was a humble respite where the teachers and staff could catch their breath, recalibrate, fill up their physical stomachs (and I dare say the emotional ones), touch base, reconnect and then be off to battle “real world” again.  

Mrs Chong and the VPs were more than generous with their thanks. At the end of the morning, the PSG came away blessed in return for wanting to bless our teachers and school staff for all that they had done for our girls and in partnering the PSG.

A big thank you to our parents who have been so generous with their time.  It is indeed gratifying to know that the teachers and staff enjoyed this year’s Teachers’ Day Party!  We know this Event is a keeper in the PSG Calendar!  See you next year!

Reported by Crescent PSG 2018

Champion Seminar

Attendees of the school’s annual Champion Seminar event were thrilled when the auditorium’s doors were banged in sync to the opening music, giving a fun and shocking start to the afternoon. This year’s Champion Seminar, the Greatest Show Ever, inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman”, was an event organised by the HOUSE leaders to recognise successes and show our appreciation to those who supported us in our CCA journey this year - our teachers and coaches. 

Our Principal, Mrs Chong, inspired everyone with an opening speech on what it took to be a Champion, setting the mood for the entire event. Her message of getting us “to dare to try, try and try again”, to have a growth mindset and to believe in the power of “yet”, taught us not to be afraid even if we were not seeing the results we desired at this point of time.

Champion Seminar 2018 provided us with a platform to extend our appreciation to those around us whom we had worked together with as well as to make celebrating the efforts of every CCA a truly memorable experience for everybody. 

Reported by HOUSE (Student Activities Directors)