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Secondary 4 Farewell Assembly

This year’s graduation ceremony for the batch of 2018 was held on the 28th of September. It was an official goodbye to the Secondary Fours and was filled with both tear-jerking and laughter-inducing moments. Videos produced by each class that documented their journey throughout their time in Crescent were shown to the audience, amidst much laughter. Deserving students were also recognised for both their academic achievements and outstanding character.

A nostalgic moment washed over the students as the President of the Student Council 2017/2018, Anisah(4S3) delivered the farewell speech which brought back beautiful memories of the four wonderful years spent together as a cohort. The secondary four students received, as a parting gift, a customised collar pin presented to them by the Principal, Mrs Chong. Emotions ran high as Mrs Chong gave the final address and the cohort pinned on the collar pin signifying their graduation to the next phase of their journey.

All too soon the ceremony came to a close with the students singing the school song one last time. ‘May Crescent always remain in our hearts’.

Reported by: Eswaravaka Keerthana Reddy (3G3)