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Graduation Night – Reach for the Stars

I never thought that I would be standing on stage, in front of my fellow school mates, receiving the honourable title of Ms Crescentian 2018. It had never been my intention to clinch the title, but rather to convey what it felt like to spend four memorable years in Crescent. Standing on the stage, I was beyond nervous but the enthusiastic cheers from my classmates spurred me on and gave me the confidence to stand tall, proud and articulate my views without hesitation. It made the moment extremely special.  

It made me believe in myself.
The night was filled with endless laughter and excited chatter. After a long and stressful year, graduation night allowed my batchmates and I to finally sit back, relax and dine together while enjoying one another’s company. There were games, lively music and good food that added to the cheerful atmosphere. Many of us were busy taking pictures with our closest friends and teachers for the final time as Crescentians. We wanted to take pictures to cherish this precious moment for a lifetime. That night I saw my friends, who had entered the gates of Crescent Girls’ as shy and innocent girls four years ago, transform into beautiful and mature young ladies looking resplendent and ever so charming.

When the event came to a close, it was evident that none of us had the heart to leave the ballroom and say our final goodbyes. We stood around, wanting to stay longer, talk longer and enjoy each other’s company longer. 

Graduation Night will forever be a night to remember.

Reported by S Shaalini (4S1)