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Limelight Concert 2018

Timeless Tales. This was the theme for this year’s Limelight concert by the Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band (CGSSB) held on 20 March at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Through this concert, the band members were given the golden opportunity to be offered another platform to showcase their musical abilities to the public. 

Under the baton of our conductors, Mdm Tan Soh Hwa, Mr Chua Tiong Hong and our founding father, Mr Lee Seck Chiang, the band performed a medley of songs including Primavera, Disney Celebration and Beauty and the Beast. This was definitely an enriching experience as the band members worked hard to stage the concert. Although we had to put in long hours of practice and arduous preparations required to put up a good show, our efforts paid off judging from the overwhelming and boisterous applause given at the end of our performance. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our conductors and our teachers-in-charge, Mdm Zaidah, Ms Rafiqqa and Mr Mohan for their unwavering support and guidance. “Et Bientot Le Meilleur”. The band will continue to live out its motto to strive for excellence. Instead of resting on our laurels, the band will strive to bring the audience a better production next year.

Reported by Glenys Quak (4S1)

Be Yourself Day

As part of the Crezunite week, Be Yourself Day (BYD) was held on Monday, 26th March 2018. This year's theme for BYD was childhood shows. We chose this theme as we believe that Crescent is our second home, where we share our joy and sorrow together like a family. The celebration started with a fashion runway where Crescentians donned themselves in fashionable costumes that bring back precious childhood memories. 

During the fashion show itself, models from each class showcased their flamboyant costumes to the other Crescentians with matching music and a short description of their chosen childhood show while walking down the aisle to the stage. Everyone was enthusiastic and cheered on for each other. 

At the end of the event, everyone took photos together. It was indeed a fun and enjoyable moment where every Crescentian came to school in a costume based on the theme instead of their usual school uniform. It was truly a memorable and unique experience especially for the soon graduating Secondary 4 and new Secondary 1 batch.

With this year's remarkable success, we look forward to an even more engaging and memorable Be Yourself Day commemoration in 2019.

Reported by: Zhao Yi (3C1) and  Nurul Nashrah Bte Abdul Razak (3C2)

Secondary Two Service Learning Trip to Sri Lanka

4 March was the day when thirty students including myself from the Secondary Two cohort went to Sri Lanka for our Service Learning trip.

On our first day in Sri Lanka, we visited a Girls’ Orphanage where we played games with the students. Even though we spent only a few hours there, we formed a very special bond with them and it was an experience we will never forget.

For the next three days, we went to a local school where we taught the children there how to speak English and even sang rhymes with them. Once we reached the school, they gave us a performance and welcomed us with opened arms. Due to the language barrier, we had a tough time communicating with each other during the lessons, however, we remained positive and we still enjoyed ourselves thoroughly during the activities. We even painted some murals on the walls surrounding the school. On the last day at the school, the students organised a fair for us where we were able to buy local snacks and handmade artefacts that they and their parents had prepared together.

We were happy to have spent our days with the students in the school and we hope that during these six days of interaction with them, we were able to impact their lives positively. On our part, we learnt to be grateful, open-minded, positive and be happy with the little things we have in our lives, in the same way that our Sri Lankan friends are. 

Indeed, memories of this trip will always be close to our hearts. 

Reported by: Irdina Amani (2G2)

CrezAwards 2018

“Error 404: File not found”, the theme of this year’s CrezAwards, follows a pair of siblings who, due to unfortunate circumstances, end up in a video game. 

CrezAwards is a talent show held annually during the CrezUnite week. This year, the show started off with the entrance of our Principal, Vice-Principals and our guest performer, Ms Betsy Teo! Shortly after the walk-in, our emcees kick-started the show with a Glitch Option, a voting procedure which allowed the audience to choose the fate of the main characters. 

This year, the line-up of our talented performers consisted of Mojica Sofia Francesca Garcia, Le Diep Bao Tran, Reyes Jara Chelsea, Euphoria, Sofia Binte Mohammad Fahmy, Ranitra Shalini Nair D/O C N and last but not least Blackout! These amazing performers spent numerous hours practising their items so as to put up a heart-thumping performance for their schoolmates. They truly deserve the overwhelming applause given to them by our appreciative audience.

The show ended off with an entertaining performance by a talented member of our teaching staff, Ms Betsy Teo, and her student, Rachel Kua. Her excellent singing skills and her witty humour sure made the night extremely memorable for all of us. The entire show ended on a high note with the Crescent House Leaders leading us through our school’s mass dance.

In a nutshell, CrezAwards 2018 was a truly wonderful experience and it left us anticipating for CrezAwards 2019!

Reported by: Priscilla Boo (3S2)

Secondary Two Service Learning Trip to Bintan

For many of us Crescentians, this was our first time to Bintan. We did not know what to expect. However, excitement among us grew as the departure date neared and the weekly training sessions preparing us for the trip commenced. Finally the day arrived and on the 5th of May saw 40 Crescentians and three teachers at the airport ready to take off. 

Looking back, our experience to Bintan not only allowed us to learn more about ourselves, but also gave us opportunities to bond with each other. During activities like the cultural dances and school lessons, we were exposed to different experiences from what we were used to in Singapore. Many of us then became extremely interested in Indonesia’s heritage and history. 

One of the highlights of the Bintan trip was the Save Water Garden project, where we spent the days digging out mud and water from wells and working with one another to build a garden. We can still remember moments when we fed each other cookies with our mud-covered hands, as well as playing soccer with the children who lived there. We enjoyed the chicken curry lunches we had afterwards. 

Throughout the trip, we learnt the most during reflections time, where we all shared our experiences and the things we were thankful for. In hearing one another share our perspectives, we realised how lucky and privileged we are here in Singapore.

Written by: Sonia Maya Daven (2C1) and Koh Jin Ing (2S2) 

Secondary Two Service Learning Trip to Cambodia

On 5 March 2018, forty Seconday Two Crescentians arrived in Cambodia looking forward to helping the less fortunate children in this country, and learning about different cultures and lifestyles through our interactions with the Cambodians.

On the first day, we visited the genocide museum and the killing fields. We were very moved by what we saw - sights of the dark history of Cambodia, which many of us had not known of. From the second to the fourth day, we conducted service learning at Samrong Children’s Farm, an orphanage, and Poun Phnom Primary School. At the orphanage, we conducted English lessons and interacted with the children through games. We took part in a cultural exchange as our hosts showed us their traditional dance and we performed for them our mass dance. We also tried our hands at farming and we painted murals around the orphanage. The students from the primary school were not exposed to the English language. As such we had difficulty communicating with them. However, we tried our best to teach them English and we had fun playing games with them. 

During the trip, we learned about teamwork; to have compassion for others and to have greater self-awareness. We had to work together in order to get the various tasks done, such as teaching, painting, and interaction. While we were there, we realised how contented the children were despite being relatively poor. We also realised how Singaporeans are very fortunate and privileged, and we should not take our lives for granted. Overall, the trip was a blast!

Reported by: Beverley Yeo (2S2); Celine Choo (2G2); Alexandra Koh (2S2)

Secondary Two Service Learning Trip to Shantou

On 4 March 2018, forty Crescentians from across all secondary two classes left Singapore for Shantou on our Secondary Two Service Learning trip. 

Day 2 had everyone awake, excited to greet the students. Arriving in Tuo Dong, we were met with many curious eyes from the excited students. Our schedule was simple – odd groups would carry out their lesson activities with their classes first, while the even groups start painting the different doors.  From playing ‘duck duck goose’ to teaching English with a blackboard, we had a great time. 

Painting the doors was an extremely tedious process. Despite the setbacks, all the groups managed to come up with colourful doors from scratch, the result of hours of hard work.

The last 2 days were spent visiting cultural museums, tea appreciation and shopping. The museums taught us the enriching histories of Shantou, fondly known as Swatow. The next day, we visited a shopping mall, before setting off again to a ‘Kungfu Tea Shop’ where we learnt proper tea drinking etiquettes. 

On the last day, everyone woke up with heavy hearts. With our bulky luggage stuffed with food and gifts, we left the hotel for the airport. In half an hour, we were seated on the plane, ready to set off for Singapore. 

From this trip, what stood out the most as a takeaway was how we should always appreciate everything we have and not complain. I remembered a small boy I was conversing with who told me he envied Singapore and all it had to offer. I was taken aback and felt a little guilty as I often complained about the long hours of school and the load of homework we received. Second, I learnt that we should always find ways to give back to the society, not for VIA points, not for recognition, but to truly help someone in need and empathise with them.

Shantou 2018 was a cultural eye opener as we learnt many things, and enjoyed many moments. It will be a part of memory we will cherish and remember. 

Reported by: Mildred Ng 2G1 (24)