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Student Leaders' Investiture: Lead The Ship

The Student Leaders' Investiture in Crescent is an event where we officially recognise the new batch of student leaders stepping up to serve the school in their various leadership groups and celebrate the current student leaders' journey in Crescent.

The event was entirely made possible with the hard work and effort put in by the student leaders from the various groups such as House, Crezambassadors, Student Council and Peer during the planning and working process, as well as the guidance from the teachers. This year's theme: Lead The Ship is a play on the word leadership and also to highlight how we as leaders can parallel many items on a ship to a team working towards a goal.

There were many segments in the event like the walk-in by Class committee members, CCA leaders, Student Leadership groups, speeches given by our principal, previous council president, current council president as well as the Guest of Honour. This year, we had the privilege of having Ms Sumedha, President of Student Council 2010/11 to grace the occasion as our Guest of Honour. She imparted us with lessons on leadership from her countless experiences in life and explained what leadership meant to her. Student leaders from other schools like NJC, St. Margaret's Girls' school and Cedar Girls' school were also invited to join us in this momentous occasion.

While we bid farewell to our out-going leaders and thank them for all their tireless dedication to the school, we wish our in-coming leaders a fruitful and exiting journey in the months ahead!

Reported by:  Au Yeong Sok Wei (3S2), Preetvin Kaur (3S1), Tan Shi Ern Felicia (3C1)

National Inter-School Dragon Boat Championship 2018

6 July, 2018.

The sun glared down relentlessly on Bedok Reservoir, and the water shimmered white as it reflected the rays. It was race day, and our boat glided up to the start line, guided expertly by our coach. Bodies glistened in sweat, and the atmosphere was tense as all six boats lined up side by side.



And with that, a long blast of the air horn resounded through the air, signalling the start of the first race.

Muscles stiffened and pulled, paddles cut through the water swiftly and the sound of drum beats echoed as the drummers pounded the drums to coordinate the movement of their teams.
For Team Crescent, we were taught to focus on our own boat regardless and to follow our race plan. “3! 2! 1! LONG HARD PULL!”

“Slow down! Look up!”

The cries fell on deaf ears as adrenaline took over the front pacers and the stroke rate increased steadily to become less than efficient. As fatigue set in, some of us slowed down and the boat’s paddling became much like a caterpillar crawling, not to mention that it looked like that visually too. We finally crossed the line, managing to scrape into the next round by mere tenths of a second, but we took it as a learning experience for our subsequent races.

Team Crescent ended the day with the B Division coming in overall fifth, and the C division coming in overall Champions, a feat that was really commendable considering that dragon boating was a team bonding activity for us and we only had four sessions to practise. We are truly blessed to have an excellent coach, dedicated teachers and a supportive school which made this experience and result possible.

Secondary 2 Showcase 2018

Held on the 27 July, the Secondary 2 showcase provided my batchmates and I a platform to present our take on the holistic curriculum we went through over the past two years in our journey as Crescentians.

For class 2S1, it was indeed a special evening. The event started with all of us warmly welcoming our parents to what we’ve come to know as our second home. Despite the skittish feeling inside us all, we managed to deliver an impressive presentation which really awed our parents. The theme that my class had chosen was ‘Aloha’ - a name that not only means love but also a term used as a simple greeting or when parting. 

Our world café featured our CCAs, Service Learning expeditions as well as Student Leadership groups. Each and every presentation held a sense of endearment that was achieved only through the combination of all our efforts. 

Sharing our school life experiences with our loved ones helped form an even deeper connection with them; it also served to strengthen the bond that we share with our classmates. Above all, It allowed for a deeper understanding of what we as Crescentians strive for, and the moral values that are inculcated in us, moulding us to become ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

Reported by Esha Kejriwal (2S1)

My experience participating in 新空下 Chinese Music Competition 2018

This year, my friend Rui Ming and I participated in the National Schools Xin Yao Chinese singing and song writing competition. There were many rounds of auditions, and the competition took place from around end May to July. We were introduced to many local Xin Yao composers and their wonderful songs. We were privileged to have famous composers, including Pan Ying, Jimmy Ye and Roy Loi as our judges, who also provided some comments on how we could improve. We received some music training from professional singers on how to improve our singing technique.

Personally, this exposure was really inspiring and allowed me to understand more about the Chinese culture and learn so many Chinese songs. I enjoy singing Chinese songs and am more inspired to try to compose Chinese songs. Participating in this competition gave me the confidence to face a Chinese audience and made me realise that music can be shared with everyone. I am extremely grateful to the school for providing us with this opportunity to participate in this competition. 

I would like to thank all the teachers from the Mother Tongue Language Department and students who have supported us. We are also very thankful to Ms Betsy Teo who took time off and came to help us while we were practicing for the competition. We were surprised to be able to get into the finals and were overwhelmed when we won the third prize for the group singing category! We could not have done so without the support of everyone. 

Reported by Amrita Devaraj 3S2