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Champion Seminar 2017

Our school recently held our annual Champion Seminar to celebrate the success of CCAs that have performed well at national and international events and competition. Everyone was looking forward to this highly anticipated celebration. In preparation for the big day, our House Leaders transformed the hall, which transported us to another magical world.

As the invited guests streamed in, they were greeted to an outline of a castle made of fairy lights which shone like stars in the dimly lit auditorium. The hand-painted door decorations of Disney Princesses was beautiful. The intricately cut-out letters for the table pieces formed the names of all the CCAs, making the entire setting breath-taking. The VIP guests sat directly in front of the stage, and the emcees; Sleepy and Grumpy dwarves, opened the act. Our House Leaders played the roles of Fairy Godmothers and Princesses and indeed they put up an engaging performance for the audience. Throughout the event, the theme of “Gratitude” was emphasised and it was heart-warming to see the students’ genuine show of appreciation when the time came for them to present their tokens to their seniors, teachers, as well as coaches.

While preparing for this event, not only did the House Leaders realise how much hard work is needed to create a successful event, we also learnt that when working together, the five Houses are stronger. As we worked on the theme of “Gratitude”, we understood that appreciating those who have helped us in our journeys is extremely important in creating a school culture where everyone supports each other and takes joy in one another's achievements. May we all strive hard to continue putting up a stellar performance in the coming years!

Reported by: Crescent House Leaders (Publicity Directors)

Plain English Speaking Award 2017

My participation in the Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) has been a fulfilling one and I would like to thank the school for giving me this opportunity to participate in it. I had to go through three intense rounds of competition – the preliminary rounds, semi-finals and the grand finals. I had to rehearse and practise a lot to polish my delivery. Most importantly, my participation in the competition has helped me develop skills and confidence in public speaking that would stand me in good stead in school and also in life. I also made some amazing new friends and even took photos with them. 

The most challenging part of the competition is definitely the Impromptu Speech. To be honest, in this competition I learnt that it is not impossible to prepare for an Impromptu Speech. I tried to be creative and match the topic to the many personal experiences I have encountered. This really helped me and I was able to deliver my impromptu speeches with confidence!

All in all, participating in this competition is one experience I will indeed cherish dearly.

Reported by: Carmen Tong (2G2)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO), 2017

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) is the largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore, organized by the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS). Its aims are to test the ingenuity and mathematical problem-solving ability of the participants, and to discover and encourage mathematical talents. Round 1 of the Competition consists of short questions that are relatively simple. The top 10% of round 1 participants are then invited to participate in round 2, a three-hour paper consisting of 5 essay and proof questions. Topics tested include number theory, pattern recognition, geometry, simple combinatorics and algebra.  

In Crescent Girls’ School (CGS), the participation for the SMO is only by invitation. Students who did well in Mathematics last year were invited to join the SMO. Before the competition, students had to go through a rigorous training programme that developed desirable skills and attitudes for one to excel in their life-long journey with Mathematics.

The SMO has played an integral role in helping me discover my passion for Mathematics and has instilled a competitive spirit within me. Despite the long and tedious papers we had to attempt in the competition, I felt genuinely satisfied after cracking each problem. The long hours of rigorous trainings were very draining but rewarding. I was exposed to many theorems and this encouraged me to read on to grasp the key learning points. The school also managed to obtain Gold and four Bronze awards in the competition.

The experience has taught me that the world of Mathematics is limitless and endlessly intriguing. It has also enabled me to deeply appreciate and understand the subject.

Reported by: Ashmita Bhattacharyya (1C1)

2017 Farewell Assembly for the graduating Secondary 4 students

The Farewell Assembly marked the end of the Secondary Four students’ journeys in Crescent, before buckling down for the upcoming ‘O’ Level examinations. Kicking off the Assembly, the Secondary Four classes walked into the auditorium with their Form and Co-form teachers, to a resounding applause from invited parents, teachers and juniors. Mrs Chong gave a heart-warming Opening Address, and the atmosphere of cheer continued as students were presented with awards such as the Good Progress Award, ECHA Award and MERIT Award, in recognition of their achievements. 

A highlight of the event would be the unique videos prepared by each Secondary Four class of their experiences in Crescent. Laughter rang out within the auditorium as the videos were screened, yet there was also a solemn air around, as classes watched the well wishes and words of encouragements from their Form and Co-form teachers, and it sank in that their journey in Crescent was nearing an end. With a poignant Farewell Speech by Megan Tan, President of the Student Council 2016/2017, the Secondary Four students also received the school’s Farewell Gift to them, a customised collar pin. Emotions ran high as Mrs Chong gave the Final Address and the cohort pinned on the collar pin, as it signified their graduation to the next phase of their journey. 

The Assembly ended off on a high note, with cheers and hollers as the GOTCHA awards and Class of the Year awards were presented to winning classes. All in all, the Farewell Assembly was bittersweet, a touching closure to their Crescentian life, as Crescent bid goodbye to the graduating cohort of Secondary Fours and celebrated their last official day in school, wishing them well in their journey ahead. 

Reported by: Huang Hui Xing (3C2)