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CrezChorale in concert 2017: Vivace 2.0

Vivace. It is an Italian word that means ‘lively’, which is the title of CrezChorale’s annual concert. On the 18th of November 2017, we held the second instalment of this student-initiated concert, which was an exciting evening full of lively choral music.

This performance was truly out of our comfort zone, which pushed us to learn new skills. We had to adapt to new circumstances and learn the pieces quickly. Many of the songs we learnt were complex and diverse, ranging from classical pieces to songs from movies and musicals.

Our choristers were encouraged to perform solo items as well, allowing them to showcase their individual talents and build their confidence and musicianship. Some of us were also given the opportunity to showcase our instrumental prowess, by providing the choir with instrumental accompaniment during our performances. Performing alone in front of our peers proved to be a challenge, and we are very proud that many of our members put up the best show they could for the audience.

Indeed, this was a memorable concert, for the audience-which was evident from their raucous applause-and for us, the performers. The wide smiles on our choristers’ faces at the end of the concert indubitably gave us all a sense of satisfaction and pride for putting up a good performance. Although it was hard work, it was still very refreshing as our members managed to learn about the importance of teamwork and perseverance through our experience of having participated in Vivace 2.0. CrezChorale will definitely work even harder for our next Vivace concert, and we look forward to exploring more ways to challenge ourselves.

Reported By: CrezChorale EXCO 2017/2018 (Paeony Yeo Qing Wen 3C2, Foo See Yee 3S1, and Mojica Sofia Francesca Garcia 3G2)