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Dramatisation Module in Crescent for Lower Secondary students

As part of the school’s Communicative Arts Programme, all Secondary One students went through a Dramatisation module in Term 2 which culminated in students putting up their own drama performances during their Communicative Arts lessons. One group from each class was then chosen to represent their class in the annual Secondary One Inter-Class Drama Competition. The competition took place on the 15th of May during the post-examination period. 

On the day of the competition, the performers were excited to showcase their skills. They had practised hard and hoped to put up a good show. All the groups put up performances with interesting and creative storylines which kept the audience captivated. Even though the performers were nervous, they all managed to pull off their skits with skills and confidence. The audience showed their support and encouragement by giving each group of performers a rousing round of applause. 

Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated results of the competition. The competition had been fierce and the judges took some time to decide on the winning groups. Finally, the results were out and 1C2 emerged as the overall winner while 1G1 came in as runner-up. Mira Syuhada Binte Muhamad from 1C2 won the prize for the Best Actress. 

The Drama Competition was a wonderful platform for Secondary Ones to showcase the skills that they had learnt in the Dramatisation module. It sure was a memorable and enriching experience for all the students involved. 

Reported by: K. E. Khavi Varshini (1C2) 

Persuasive Speech Competition

The persuasive speech competition was very enriching for us as it really tested our abilities as students. We learnt how to give a speech that can potentially sweep everyone off their feet, a speech that leaves everyone astounded, leaving them wanting more. As our tests were unfortunately scheduled on the same day as the competition, we had to prioritise and manage our time well in order to prepare for both the tests and the competition. We had to do research on the topic, write out a good argument, and study for a math test, all within five days! Despite the challenges, I have to admit that it was time well spent. This experience truly challenged our limits and ability to produce high quality work in a short time span. Our research had to extend beyond the local context to a more global level in order to produce a strong argument. This experience broadened our horizons and increased our knowledge about ongoing conflicts all around the world, allowing us to gain global awareness. It was very nerve-wrecking to deliver the speech in front of the entire cohort but it was thrilling all the same. To stand up in front of a large audience and speak my heart out is an experience that I can never get enough of and hopefully we can get more opportunities like this in the future to develop our character and public speaking skills. I would like to thank the school for creating this opportunity for us to experience public speaking. 

Reported by: Jahnvi Kaushik (2G1)