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SG Leadership Trails – Student Leaders’ Conference

This year’s Student Leaders’ Conference was held at the end of May, with the enthusiastic participation of many schools. The theme for the conference was “Empowering Leaders, Enabling Change”, as it hoped that attendees would be inspired by the works of many prominent leaders around us, and thus, be motivated to create change in their own communities as well. 

Our guest speaker, Ms. Fion Phua, is one such leader. She is the founder of Keeping Hope Alive, an organization that aims to serve the needy. Through her generous works, she has empowered many students to join her and enable change in the community together. 

The official launch of the SG Leadership Trails 2.0 application was one of the main highlights of the conference. Participating schools were tasked to create a trail based on a chosen leader whom they viewed as a role model. In the trail, students aligned the actions and beliefs of their featured leader to the five Leadership Challenge Practices (LCPs) and explained how the leaders had displayed those practices. The groups that presented gave us insight into how we could utilize the application as a platform to teach the five LCPs, by citing real-life examples of leaders who did so. 

We are immensely thankful for the significant contributions of the participating student leaders, as they have taken the first step towards something that would greatly impact the future generations of leaders.

Reported by: Nicole Woo Hwee Wen (4S2)

Student Leaders’ Investiture

Held on 28 June 2017, Crescent Girls’ School’s 4th Student Leaders’ Investiture aimed to acknowledge the contributions of our faithful and passionate student leaders from many different areas who contributed their services to Crescent. Not only did they give their time and effort to serve the school, many also went beyond their responsibilities and worked with utmost passion and dedication. We had numerous leaders from various student leadership groups, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), and class committees.  

First, we had the class Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons walking up on stage. They were recognized for building up a culture of care in their classes by faithfully fulfilling their responsibilities, by working with their peers and by ensuring that administrative processes flowed smoothly. 

Next, we acknowledged the CCA leaders. The Secondary Four seniors also took the chance to pass the baton to the Secondary Three juniors to symbolise that they had officially stepped down, and their juniors would now take over. There were loud cheers and applause as the students saw their own CCAs being represented. 

On this special day, we also had the Appointment Ceremony of our Student Leadership groups. Senior leaders took this opportunity to formally welcome their juniors. We also witnessed the handover of the Executive Committee (EXCO) of the different student leadership groups. We had the Crez Ambassadors, House Leaders, Peer Leaders, and the Student Council. Many smiles and hugs were exchanged as the senior student leaders pinned the badges onto the juniors; it was truly a heart-warming moment. 

When the Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the Secondary Four Student Leaders in recognition of their dedication and contribution to Crescent, it was then that it dawned upon us that these role models who had been guiding us all along, were officially stepping down. I promised myself that I would continue to give my best like they did, and I’m sure that the rest of my teammates thought the same. 

Our Principal, Mrs Chong, the Guest-of-Honour, and our Student council president gave us inspiring and motivational speeches. Last but definitely not the least, we had an entertaining dance performance by the Secondary Three EXCO which brought smiles to our faces.

As the day came to an end, we exchanged hugs and tears. We saw hope - hope for a better Crescent, hope for our journey ahead, and hope that we can keep Crescent’s flag soaring high and proud.

Reported by: Bapat Sara Manish (2S1)