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Graduation Night 2017

Graduation night was a memorable night for all of us. I was chosen to represent my class in the Miss Crescentian competition. I felt honoured that my classmates and teachers chose me yet was slightly unsure of my ability to do my fellow classmates proud. After all, the winner has to display the school values and she must carry herself with grace and decorum. When I first arrived at the venue for our Graduation Night celebrations, I saw many Crescentians decked out in their exquisite outfits, which was a drastic departure from the usual sea of yellow and blue. When the celebrations began and the time came for the Miss Crescentian nominees to do the first walk-in, I felt nervous. Talking with the other 6 representatives helped distract me from the next few moments where we would be the centre of attention. After the first walk-in and a few dishes later, the representatives were required to answer one random question that we picked out of the 13 questions in a bag, which ranged from topics such as Singapore politics to personal life experiences. I picked a question that asked about the importance of sports in schools. I drew on my experience as a canoeist in Crescent to convey my understanding of how sports help teach students to become young adults who are ready to shape the future.  As I answered the question and looked around the room, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment as I recalled the 4 years of hard work all of us had put in to get to where we are as a graduating cohort. Our journeys as Crescentians were by no means easy, but all of us have gleaned the fruits of our efforts along the way, and we will look back on these 4 years and cherish the life lessons and memories we made. Winning the title of Miss Crescentian was never a goal I aspired to achieve, but as Mrs Chong and Ms Fiona Chen presented me with the tiara and sash, I felt as if the win was for the whole graduating cohort. Each one of us won in our own right, as we each played a part in our journeys in becoming ladies and leaders of tomorrow. Graduation Night was merely a day of commemorating our successful time in Crescent, but the Crescentian identity will always be a part of our lives.

Reported by: Anna Lim (4S1)