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CrezAwards 2017

CrezAwards 2017 will bring back many fond memories for many Crescentians. It was held on the last day of Crezunite week and was an opportunity for us to discover our identity as a school and recognize the many talented stars amongst us. This year’s theme, CrezWarts, School of Magic, set the stage for a truly magical evening. The engaging storyline caused many Crescentians  to be at the edge of their seats, anticipating what would happen next as the main characters embarked on a journey to destroy a necklace, which was deemed dangerous since it compromised the safety of the students in CrezWarts.

The numerous performances lined up for the night were the main highlights of the show. Loud cheers and rounds of applause echoed throughout the auditorium as Crescentians came forward to perform. The audience was blown away by the spectacular performances put up that night. This year, we had a variety of performances and each was unique and authentic. Crezawards gave our performers confidence and it created an opportunity for them to showcase their talents. The audience’s favorite this year has to be the new award we introduced. This award allowed the audience to partake in the judging process.  The responses were enthusiastic and the audience participated actively in the voting of their favorite performance. The Mayhem Squad, who captured the attention of the audience with their high level of energy and vigor, won this year’s award. Because there was high competition amongst the various performers, the judges decided to specially honor two other performances which were almost on par with the winning team. 

Apart from our very own schoolmates, the HubbaBubbas, a local post-acoustic trio, also joined us that night. They interacted with Crescentians and sang songs that are familiar to us. Many Crescentians sang along and could not help but groove to the beat. Their voices mesmerized many and hyped up the atmosphere. This made their performance memorable and one that would stay with many Crescentians for a long time.

All in all, CrezAwards proved to be a success and those who attended it, left with fond memories. This would not have been possible without the help of our performers, who had worked very hard to showcase a good performance for their peers. Our audience also played an important role by encouraging the performers and setting up an ideal atmosphere for the concert with their active participation and involvement. It was definitely one of the most memorable event of this year because we came together as a school to celebrate an event created for Crescentians, by Crescentians. See you next year!

Reported by: Lim Jing Shyan (2C2) Tanya Raj (2G1) Marianne Nicole Par Cuaresma (2S1)

2S2 Showcase

My class thoroughly enjoyed working on the sec 2 showcase. We learnt about cooperation and teamwork. My class utilised the planning sessions to discuss our ideas but we did not start preparing the world café boards and photo montage until closer to the showcase date. However, we were very cooperative and efficient when we actually got down to doing the project. We managed to follow the deadlines given and settle the administrative matters fast. One week before the showcase day, we started to prepare our decorations for the showcase. Even though most of the decorations were done on the day itself, our classmates were very cooperative and helpful in offering their help with the decorations. During the showcase day itself, our class was very enthusiastic and gave their best to put up a splendid showcase that many parents certainly enjoyed. My class was excited beyond words and it turned better than our expectations. We definitely displayed class spirit and effort in our showcase. I enjoyed this experience very much and I hope that in the future, we will have such class-bonding activities. This showcase was also sentimental for me as it would be the last year all 40 of us will be in the same class. Overall, I must say that we learnt a lot from the showcase.

Reported by: Loh Ee Hsuen (2S2) 

International Coastal Clean-Up: Cleaning Coasts at Pandan Mangrove

Annie Leonard, an American environmentalist, once said, “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.” In Singapore, discarding items can come at a high price. Hence, to save money, some people choose to dump their unwanted items such as furniture, at mangroves.
This year, the environmental committee, together with a group of students and teachers, headed down to Pandan Mangrove on 9 September to clear as much trash as we could. Prior to the day we were scheduled to go to the mangrove, we were briefed on certain types of organisms we might spot there as well as several snake species that we had to watch out for. We had to be able to identify the snakes properly so as to render aid accordingly in case of an emergency.
We were encouraged to come in track pants and shoes that were fitting so that the mud would not cling to our skin if we were stuck in the mangrove areas, as the mud there was softer. To ensure that our hands would not get injured while picking up trash like glass shards in the mangroves, we were given thick gloves. Working in groups of four, one person would oversee collating data of trash found in the mangrove, while the other three went around picking up trash.
Sei Lin Xiu, one of the members of the environmental committee, said “I feel that not many people understand marine trash and the impact it has on the natural environment, as well as the value of our local mangroves. I think a good way to increase their awareness would be to participate in this activity and witness the condition of the mangroves in Singapore.” “The sight of the amount of trash in a small patch of mangrove is extremely shocking and makes me more empathetic towards the organisms living in the mangrove,” commented Ng Jing Ru, another member of the environmental committee. 
In total, 20 of us managed to collect 108kg of trash in just 40 minutes. It was truly an eye-opening experience as it was our first time there for many of us, and we are grateful to be given such an opportunity to do our part for the community. 

Reported by: Jodi Tay (3G2)

Hockey C Division 2017

Our hockey experience has been an exciting and fulfilling one because we train with a team that is bonded and it is most definitely a team we treasure. They make our trainings fun and meaningful as they cheer us on. The thought of giving up has never crossed our minds because of the encouragement we received from our seniors and teammates. 2017 was definitely different from 2016 as now we are in secondary 2 and the weight of C Division was on us. We also felt the need to be role models for our Secondary 1 juniors. But we were not alone because our coaches and teachers were there like pillars of support and we could rely on them for help.
Soon, the intense preliminary rounds came up and we were all experiencing stress and pressure. Every training session became important. The first match was as usual, nerve wrecking for all of us Secondary 1s and 2s. The atmosphere at the pitch was tense as we fought hard against Marsiling Secondary School. Although this was not our best performance, we continuously tried to improve our skills throughout the preliminary games. We finally entered the semi-finals and into the finals with a lot of sweat, hard work, and determination. 
We managed to clinch the Championship title because we wanted to strive to do our best and preserved on even when the stress was too much to handle. Despite the odds, we worked together as a team and did our best. This was a special journey for all of us and an experience we will not forget. We would like to thank our coach for guiding us throughout this challenging period, for our seniors for coming to the pitch to support us despite their busy schedules, and the teachers for supporting us all the way. 

Reported by: Jolene Lim (2C2) and Heidi Heng (2G2)