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Plain English Speaking Award Competition

When I was approached to represent my class of 4G2 in the Inter-class PESA Competition, I regarded it simply as an opportunity to challenge and improve my oratorical skills. Little did I expect that I would make it through the Preliminary Round, and even manage the first place!

PESA’s (also known as the Plain English Speaking Award) primary aim is to promote the effective and articulate use of plain yet attractive spoken English amongst secondary and pre-university students in Singapore. I myself have always loved English, the language that I use daily and the art (and struggle) of communicating an idea skilfully. Thus, I took this chance to share with fellow Crescentians something I hold close to my heart, and sincerely hope more people will take note of – the duality of money. That was the title of my speech. 

The scariest part of the competition was definitely the impromptu round, where I was allocated two minutes to prepare for an unknown topic – a test of thinking on your feet. I was fortunate enough to have picked a relatively interesting topic – “I don’t want to grow up” – and was able to explain why Peter Pan really was a modern-day hero for treasuring his youth. 

My fellow competitors Freya and Anna are undeniably powerful and remarkable speakers and I have learnt a lot from them. In the end, it was a difficult decision for the judges and I was lucky to have been chosen the winner of this competition. I hope I can make the most out of this truly insightful experience when I represent Crescent in the National PESA Competition in June, and make not only my class, but also my school, proud.   

 Reported by Isabelle Metzger (4G2)

Cross Country at Crescent | Ready, Set, Go!

Crescentians were buzzing with excitement to report to the Japanese Gardens for their biennial Cross Country on 31 March 2017. UG (Uniform Group) cadets and House Leaders reported punctually at 6am to ensure that everything was set up properly. As the sun began to rise, more students began to stream in as the House Leaders directed them to the Rest House to assemble.

At around seven thirty, the shrill sound of the horn was sounded by the Chairman of Crescent PSG, signalling the start of the Sec 4s’ competitive race. The other races, including the Staff, Alumni and Parents' race, subsequently followed. Everyone was energetic and ready to run through the scenic route of the gardens, and could not wait to see the colourful House mascots along the way. The House Mascots as well as some of the students dressed as Harry Potter characters were situated all around the Gardens. Many runners were seen taking photographs with them for the Instagram challenge called, #ifoundcgsmuggles. The UG cadets were stationed at various checkpoints to provide food and aid whenever necessary. The House Leaders ran with the crowd, encouraging students to push through the 3.2km. At the finishing line, the House Leaders and teachers waited, cheering the students as they completed their last stretch.    

Back at the Rest House, the House Leaders engaged the fun runners through interactive fringe activities, all of which were inspired by the Harry Potter theme! Ranging from “Ping-pong Quidditch” to a “Spell Memory Game”, Crescentians, parents and teachers all had fun playing these games and earning points for their Houses.     

When the races ended, each class received a box of snacks, which was personally packed by the House Leaders. Many Crescentians were appreciative of the snacks. Soon, it was time for the cheer competition! The Houses stood up and gave their best, cheering passionately to earn points for their houses.     

Finally, the moment we were all anticipating arrived. It was time to announce the winners of the various competitions. Everyone waited with bated breaths to find out who had won, and cheered for their classmates and friends. The Staff, Alumni and Parents race received medals too, with our very own teacher, Mr Shawn Ng, taking the top spot for the Staff race. The cheer competition was claimed by Bronte, with their enthusiastic and loud cheering; the flag competition was won by Keller, with their striking cerulean flag; and Fry won the mascot competition with their adorable dragon!     

"And the Overall Champion House is... BRONTE!" When this was announced, all the Bronterians could not believe their ears and were shrieking with happiness. Cross Country 2017 ended off with our new mass dance and signature Crescent cheer, led by the House Leaders. It ended off with a bang and a Harry Potter-inspired galleon was given as keepsake. Despite the various competitions, everyone was a winner that day as all of them displayed true Crescentian spirit.     

Reported by: Publicity Directors from Crescent House

CrezUnite: Mass Picnic

On the 28th of March 2017, Crescent held the highly anticipated mass picnic as part of our celebration for CrezUnite week. By 12 noon, Crescentians from all levels were seen happily making their way to the auditorium, holding the food items they brought for the picnic. Soon, everyone gathered and our principal, Mrs Helen Chong officially launched the start of the Mass Picnic of 2017 with a delightful announcement that the school would be giving free donuts to all Crescentians! Immediately after this announcement, roars and resounding cheers could be heard in the hall. 

Secondary 1s and 3s moved off to the Indoor Sports Hall while the Secondary 2s and 4s remained in the auditorium for their picnic. Soon, everyone started laying out their mats and displaying the vast variety of food bought and made. Food ranged from healthy fruit salads and agar agar jelly to salivating homemade pasta and pizza.

 As the classes began to enjoy their food with their classmates and teachers, many students were seen exchanging gift boxes filled with warm messages and presents across different levels in order to promote inter-level bonding. Through this activity, Crescentians have undoubtedly displayed values of care and love. Many took photographs with their friends, juniors and teachers, creating yet another piece of fond memory!

The mass picnic was indeed part of the many unforgettable events we experienced during our Crezunite week in 2017. This week promoted unity amongst Crescentians and instilled the Crescent pride in us.  May the Crescent Spirit continue burning bright in the many years to come!

Reported by: CrezAmbassadors 

CrezUnite: Fashion Runway and Be Yourself Day

Crescent’s annual ‘Be Yourself Day’ is a special day in the CrezUnite week. It is a day where Crescentians are given the opportunity to dress up according to the given theme. This year, the theme was Movies! Every year, Crescentians express their creativity through the interesting outfits they choose to wear to school.    

On the second day of CrezUnite week, we saw a large number of students dressed in interesting outfits from various movies. Some came dressed as zombies from the movie ‘Train to Busan’, high school students from the movie ‘High School Musical’, animated characters from the movie ‘Inside Out’, and bees from ‘The Bee Movie’. We even witnessed our favourite Disney movie come alive when one class decided to dress up as the characters Beauty and the Beast from the movie of the same name.       

After morning assembly, we held our much anticipated ‘Fashion Runway’! Every class sent students to represent their class as models to showcase their breath-taking outfits. The entire auditorium was filled with laughter and screams of delight and excitement as Crescentians watched their friends show off their unique costumes. We were delighted to see classes’ hard work displayed on the stage.    

1G1, 2S2, 3S3 and 4S2 were given the best dressed award! That thrilling morning left everyone, students and teachers alike, with wide smiles on their faces. ‘Be Yourself Day’ was definitely a wonderful experience to witness and it will stay in our memories for a long time to come.

Reported by: CrezAmbassadors

Commemoration of International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day (IFD) was commemorated on 4 April 2017 this year. The theme was “ASEAN 50”, which focused on the importance of the strong ties established between the ASEAN countries to ensure safety, security as well as progress. With this in mind, IFD 2017 aimed to promote a deeper understanding on the importance of friendship among people from different countries. 

The CrezAmbassadors planned for a fun-filled time to commemorate this joyous milestone ASEAN has crossed. Crescentians had an enriching time by engaging in games such as Kahoot which put their knowledge about ASEAN as well as what was covered during the special IFD lesson to test. Then, we watched a special video clip prepared by the CrezAmbassadors which featured our own peers and classmates from neighboring ASEAN countries. It provided Crescentians with a glimpse of interesting and significant aspect of the various ASEAN countries as Crescentians shared fascinating facts about their home country. Crescentians learnt a lot about the similarity that exist in all the countries in ASEAN and were reminded of the importance of maintaining good relationship within ASEAN—even within Crescent. Crescentians also understood that without strong relations between Singapore and the neighboring ASEAN countries, many of our peers would not have been able to come and study in Singapore. 

Not only did Crescentians have fun learning about ASEAN, they also had fun posing for the camera with their classmates and teachers. “ASEAN 50 – Express It” was a level wide challenge for IFD 2017 where classes were to take a class photo/video/boomerang capturing the essence of ASEAN 50, incorporating meaningful elements of the ASEAN countries supported by a well-thought out caption. The school was bustling as many Crescentians were trying to find for ‘Instagram friendly’ spots so that they could take the best pictures. 
In conclusion, IFD 2017 was a success as Crescentians understood the importance of good relations to ensure safety, security and progress in Singapore. Good relations are not only important on a national level but also translates to the personal level as Crescentians understood that it is pertinent to maintain a good relationship with their peers. IFD 2017 has been an interesting and memorable commemoration for all and we look forward to IFD 2018.   

Reported by: Michelle Jean Chew Yixuan (3G2) 
Director of Publicity of CrezAmbassador 

Speech Day 2017

22 Apri 2017 was a day of ‘Rising Above and Looking Beyond’. This day was a special day as it was the day Crescent Girls’ School celebrated the achievements of the 2016 cohort and our graduated seniors. We also welcomed the Divisional Director of Student Development, Ministry of Education who was our former principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee, back as the Guest of Honour to grace this special occasion. Also present were former principals and staff of Crescent, people who had contributed significantly into shaping Crescent to what it is now - an premier school focused on nurturing Crescentians to become ladies and leaders of tomorrow.


This year’s theme of “Rising above, looking beyond” reminded all Crescentians present to always rise above difficulties and look beyond imperfections and challenges. This year’s Speech Day not only gave recognition to those who had excelled in their academic and co-curricular achievements, but also served as a day to encourage and motivate Crescentians to keep working harder and strive for success.


There were many acdemic and CCA awards presented. Students were also acknowledged for their service to the school such as the President of the Student Council and the best cadets of each Uniformed group. The guests, parents and awardees were also entertained by the CGS Symphonic Band and Chinese and Modern Dance Society. The symphonic band’s performance, “Sunny Island”, was a light-hearted march commissioned for SYF 2017 by Mr Chua Tiong Hong and it was truly a treat to the ears. The dance performance encompassed the values of courage, determination and resilience and it was indeed wonderful.


All too soon, the ceremony came to an end. There were many tears of joy shed in the auditorium and in the canteen. The awardees had put in so much hard work and commitment throughout the years and on this special day, they reaped the fruits of their labour. As we watched all of this unfold, we knew one thing for sure; Crescent’s flag was, is and always will be soaring high.


Reported by: Bapat Sara Manish and Ho Sin Yu (2S1)